Announcement 8 th international razavi weblog festival


In the name of god

Peace be on Aliyebne mosal Reza


۸ th international razavi weblog  festival

Elevent international festival of emam reza

holy valiasr mobilization – September 2013

The basic cultural and advertising work is holiness character of aliyebne mosal Reza “imam Kamenei”

For mercy full birth of holiness aliyebne mosal reza and holiness fateme masoume ( keramat 10th ) resistive base of holy valiasr mobilization setup the 8 th razavi weblog festival with participate of farsimatch international

Festival Ames:

  1. Follow in emam Khamenei words about software and expand of  razavi culture
  2. Expand of cultural religious and artistic activities relation to the way of aemeh living specially emam reza
  3. Introduction and support of the creator of the best cultural works, artistic and Literary in form of weblog relation to razavi cultural

Festival section:

This festival bold op in 2 independent section and interested people can participate in one or two sections

  1. International weblog
  2. National weblogs

Proposal objects:

  1. The way of emam reza’s living
  2. Political epic in emam reza’s words
  3. Emam reza and epic economic
  4. Emam reaza and Islamic waking

The condition of participant in national section of weblogs:

  1. Works and components which used in weblog don’t be in different with the current role and low; national religious values, cultural and national security of Islamic republic
  2. Where is no limitations such as age, education, sex and …for participant
  3. Participant weblog can appear individual in for of group
  4. It is necessary to put festival logo in suitable section of weblog
  5. The best works in Previous festival can participant in this festival if their works have minority 50% different Technically and contextually
  6. Sending works show that you accept the role of festival

 The condition of participant in international section of weblogs

It is possible to participant All works which edit in different language

 Festival Umpire:

Umpire perform in two technical and contextual section considering 100 Score for every section by experts

Umpire is performed with registrations of users simultaneously so after compilation of your weblog register your name

Indexes of contextual section:

  1. Being creative works and use of innovative content and creative action
  2. contextual Affluence use of Valid source, improvement of  scientific level and interfusing of Addressed …
  3. create context in field of  proposal objects
  4. using the grammer of writing and correct use of Arrays of literary, and set in suitable order the subject

Indexes of technical section:

  1. format and graphic: innovation in format’ suitable design of menus, using the way of artistic effects Beautification according to the subject
  2. interaction with Addressed: make  the weblog up to date, Poll, reply to ideas
  3. loading and being reachable: fast and easy loading, using the suitable links, show the relative sources of link, obey the suitable formats for being reachable for are uses


National weblog

First one: 20 million Rials cash+ Appreciation and festival statue

Second one: 18 million Rials cash+ Appreciation and festival statue

Third one: 16 million Rials cash+ Appreciation and festival statue

Fourth one: 14 million Rials cash+ Appreciation

Fifth one: 12 million Rials cash+ Appreciation

Sixth one: 10 million Rials cash+ Appreciation

Seventh one: 8 million Rials cash+ Appreciation

Eight one: 6 million Rials cash+ Appreciation

International weblog

First one: 1500 dollars cash+ Appreciation and festival statue

Second one: 1500 dollars cash+ Appreciation and festival statue

Third one: 1500 dollars cash+ Appreciation and festival statue


Time of registration and sending works: 6 august – ۶ September

Time of festival: (keramat 10) 7 September 2013 – ۱۷ September 2013

The number of contact with secratry:

Telephone: 0098-02188920010

Fax: 0098-02188920013

For more information look the and

در سایت فارسی مچ صرفا فراخوان مسابقات قرار می گیرد و سایر اخبار مسابقات نظیر تمدید، اعلام اسامی داوران، اعلام جوایز، برندگان و ... تنها در کانال فارسی مچ منتشر می شود.

پیشنهاد می شود برای مشاهده خلاصه فراخوان مسابقات و قرار گرفتن در جریان جزئیات آنها حتما عضو کانال فارسی مچ به آدرس @farsimatchir شوید.

سایت فارسی مچ صرفاً اخبار مسابقات اینترنتی را انتشار می دهد و هیچ دخالتی در هیچ یک از مراحل برگزاری هیچ مسابقه ای نداشته و مسئولیتی نسبت به مسائل مرتبط با مسابقات درج شده نظیر برگزاری، داوری، جوایز و ... ندارد. درج خبر مسابقات به معنای تایید آن ها از جانب فارسی مچ نمی باشد.

پاسخ دهید

خبرنامه رایگان پیامکی
با عضويت رايگان در خبرنامه پیامکی، اخبار مسابقات ويژه به صورت پيامك براي شما ارسال مي گردد.
هزينه ارسال هر پيامك رايگان مي باشد و توسط حاميان پرداخت مي شود.
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کانال فارسی مچ
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1. دریافت لحظه ای مسابقات

2. دریافت مسابقات ویژه

3. مشاهده برندگان و جزئیات مسابقات

4. خودتون عضو شوید و ببینید
کانال فارسی مچ

💵 5 جایزه نقدی 20000 تومانی
💶 2 جایزه نقدی 50000 تومانی
🍕 کد تخفیف خرید غذا
🏪 کد تخفیف رزرو هتل
⏳ فقط تا ساعت 12 چهارشنبه فرصت باقیست.